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#IntDesignerChat January 31 Topic: I Wish I Had Known

30 Jan

Nobody gets it right the first time.  We learn from each of the steps we take in design in order to create a winning strategy.  We’re educated professional and many of us have failed in area’s along the way.   One thing a small business owner learns,  passion makes up for experience.

This week let’s have a FUN  @IntDesignerChat and share design profession advice:

I wish I would have known.

Share a Builder experience and how you improved the relationship.

A Kitchen/Bath project gone wrong and how you resolved the problem at hand.

Share a client story where you really were not practicing the listening skills

A custom order gone wrong.

A color nightmare.

Join #IntDesignerChat global participants where we all share, learn, and inspire from one another experiences.  6p EST, 5p CST, 4p MST, 3p PST, and 11p GMT.